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Digital TV

With 100% Pure Digital Cable and over 300 channels, WTC offers the perfect package for everyone! For complete details, check out the prices and packages below.
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High Speed Internet

Whatever your Internet needs, WTC communications has your solution. If your Internet needs are simple, like sending e-mail and shopping online, our Silver Package would be a perfect fit.

If you need more speed for downloading music and videos, our Gold Package may be your best bet. Or, if you are a business, work from home, handle large file downloads or enjoy online gaming, our Platinum or Platinum Plus package will give you the speed you need. We also offer Ethernet service for our local businesses.
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For Tech Support call 877.794.5866, email us at support@netwtc.net
You can also visit our Internet eSupport online at support.netwtc.net

Tech Home

comprehensive device protection

Single layer protection for your computer and mobile devices is no longer good enough. You need comprehensive device protection. Tech Home includes class leading Internet security, encrypted cloud backup, password management and more so you can be sure your experience is uninterrupted.

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Home Security

Everything you need to keep your family safe, all from one local company.

ITP offers a complete package of home security products so we can design the perfect security solution for you and your family; from basic intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide detection, to medical emergency notification, and pet friendly motion detectors.

ITP’s residential security experts will work with you to make sure all of your security needs are met effectively and within your budget. And because we specialize in business security, we also offer advanced security solutions like closed circuit camera surveillance and access control for your home or business.

24/7 security monitoring for just $19.95!

Basic monitoring from other companies can start at $35.99 or more per month. Not with ITP. We provide 24/7 monitoring of your entire system and all components by trained professionals for just $19.95 a month from our UL approved monitoring station!

Phone Service

Local Service:

Unlimited local phone service*
$32.00 single-line
$34.70 multi-line
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Calling features available for an additional fee. Please call for details.
*includes exchange access charge. Other taxes and fees may also apply.

Long Distance:

Knowing our customers calling patterns vary, we offer long distance rates to fit your needs.

Do you make an occasional calls? Choose from one of our pay-as-you-go plans. Do you talk to out-of-town friends and family frequently? We offer several different bundles of minute packages to suit your needs! If you choose a bundled minutes package you can save even more with WTC’s Rewards Program! Call today for more information, and to sign up for WTC’s Long Distance and Rewards Program!
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Customer Rewards

Customer Rewards Program

It couldn’t be easier to save with WTC’s Customer Rewards Program. Simply choose from five WTC services, add the ones you want and watch the savings add up!

As a bonus, if you have local phone service plus at least one other WTC service, you automatically get an EXTRA $5 off your total monthly bill each month!

Customer Rewards Rules and Restrictions