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Arlo Connected Camera Service


By purchasing Arlo Connected Cameras from WTC Communications, in addition to agreeing to WTC Communications terms of service, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, as outlined below.


All equipment is owned and managed by WTC Communications. The customer is buying the total service, which includes the use of the equipment. The service includes the use of equipment, installation, optimization, phone support, on-site support as needed and determined by WTC Communications, firmware upgrades, security patches, warranty work and replacement if necessary.


WTC Communications Managed Wi-Fi Basic with Protect IQ and WTC Communications high speed Fiber internet are required to have the Arlo Connected Camera service. For the equipment to work properly, the appropriate amount of bandwidth is required. 


The terms of the agreement are enforced. However, the customer has the ability to expand the number of products during the term of the agreement. WTC Communications may, at its discretion, replace equipment to new models, technology, or the like. However, it is our promise any replacement equipment would be equal or greater in capabilities of the equipment being replaced. WTC Communications will not necessarily replace equipment within the term of service based on a customer request, unless it is malfunctioning, defective, or the like.


If the customer defaults payment on WTC Communications internet service, the Arlo Connected Camera service will be disabled and cameras will not work. The Connected Camera service will only be reinstated after all applicable past due charges and fees have been paid and the account is current. 


Upon service termination, the network equipment must be returned in working order to WTC Communications within thirty (30) days. Failure to return equipment or returning abused equipment will result in a charge equal to MSRP of said equipment.


Accidental or customer caused damage is the responsibility of the customer. Customer damaged equipment will be billed at MSRP. WTC Communications will replace equipment that fails, is malfunctioning or the like.


Add on products will be installed by WTC Communications technicians and standard installation fees will apply. Devices will be registered under WTC Communications, as they are owned by the company.


WTC Communications does not provide, within the managed service of Arlo Connected Camera service, repositioning of cameras or battery replacement. WTC Communications can complete repositioning work and battery replacement for the customer on a time and materials basis.

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