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Welcome to WTC ExpressTV

ExpressTV Local, 75+ Channels       $65.99/mo
ExpressTV Basic, 130+ Channels    $136.99/mo

     Sports & Info $4.99/mo*
      Family & Special Interest $4.99/mo*
      Movies & Music $4.99/mo*
      HBO $15.99/mo*
      Cinemax $9.99/mo*
      Showtime/TMC $16.99/mo*
      Starz/Starz Encore $17.99/mo*
      NFL Redzone $50.99/season

*Add-Ons only available with ExpressTV Basic.

5 Devices, 3 Streams and 100G of storage...Included
Add 5 Devices, 3 Streams... $9.99/mo
Add 100G Storage... $9.99/mo

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